Pigeon Shooting Lincolnshire
Expert guided pigeon shooting trips in and around Lincoln, England.

Beginners and experienced shooters welcome.


Your Guide For The Day

 Tom pigeon shooting guide

It takes a long time to understand how pigeons behave and why they do what they do. You can't teach this in a book or a DVD because conditions change hour by hour, even minute by minute, and it would be easy to miss the impact of these changes on your intended quarry.

Pigeons are survivors. They are good at seeing and avoiding threats and a man with a gun is a threat that pigeons will have seen before - many times.

If you can learn to see what pigeons see and understand what to a pigeon looks like a threat then you will stand a much better chance of getting in range.

Knowing how the weather effects a pigeons will save you a long cold wait for no birds and you will be very thankful for that! It all takes time but a guide can teach you all this in the field on your guided pigeon shooting day.

Call Matt Cole on 07984 335124 or email him at Pigeonshooting_leicestershire@hotmail.com for available dates.


Pigeon shooting is a service to farmers helping to keep supplies up and prices down!


Pigeons can devastate crops in a just a few hours.


Modern crops bring bumpers harvests but also supply pigeons with food all year round so numbers have rocketed in recent years.


Learn to shot pigeons safely and effectively and you will be a farmers friend and welcome in the countryside.