Pigeon Shooting Lincolnshire
Expert guided pigeon shooting trips in and around Lincoln, England.

Beginners and experienced shooters welcome.



Video Clips of Pigeon Shooting
in Lincolnshire, UK.


OK, what would you rather be doing right now, shooting  or just thinking about it?


Go on, give us a call and get out there in the lovely Lincolnshire countryside!


Pigeon shooting is a service to farmers helping to keep supplies up and prices down!


Pigeons can devastate crops in a just a few hours.


Modern crops bring bumpers harvests but also supply pigeons with food all year round so numbers have rocketed in recent years.


Learn to shot pigeons safely and effectively and you will be a farmers friend and welcome in the countryside.

Pigeon Shooting Lincolnshire
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" Until recently I had never even tried "pigeon shooting", Tom introduced me to it on a warm August day in 2008 shooting over Rape stubble and that was it. He taught me how to set up decoy patterns, build hides spot flight lines, observe birds behaviour, what type of crops they had been eating, and more importantly how to be safe and respect the countryside.
I can't recommend this service highly enough, I have been out with Tom on numerous occasions now and every time I go I learn a little bit more.
More than once I have been down to my last couple of shells due to the amount of birds pouring in to the decoy pattern, there is nothing like it, I have tried game shooting, and pigeon decoying beats it hands down every time.
If you have never tried pigeon shooting and have always wanted to, I would strongly urge you to contact him, you will not be disappointed.
Regards Andy "